We conduct technical training and workshops with various technical institutes, here are some of the details.

Why attend our Workshops?

We have attended and studied the normal workshops that are conducted in various institutes by some famous IITians and other Startups. They all focus on making some particular product that have no further use like making some BOT/CAR. Also they try to cover a huge amount of information within two days, but students get saturated and bored in the second half.

On the contrary our Workshops are designed to show students a way in which they can turn their idea into actual projects. We will just teach them how to use various tools to make their idea become reality. We emphasize on quality rather than quantity in terms of knowledge, so we have a very precisely planned course that can be completed by everyone in the two days span. We have kept our Workshop prices low so that no student face money issue to gain some practical knowledge.

What do you get??

Well firstly ample of practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Apart from that we provide special Takeaway KIT for the workshops related to electronics domain. You get a CD/DVD containing various resources related to the workshop. You also get an I-card to make you feel that you are part of something BIG. A ‘Course Completion‘ certificate which will certify that you have completed the course successfully. And yes some goodies too if you ASK some crazy doubts in the session.

Who can attend our Workshops???

Well basically anyone having interest in learning the stuff mentioned below. You just need some curiosity and leave the rest on us. You don’t need to compulsory have any type of programming or electronics knowledge. Even if you had zero experience with this stuff, still you can attend our workshop and learn everything. We teach everything from the SCRATCH, right from programming basics to electronics concept. No matter which domain you belong, or which YEAR are you in, there are no prerequisites.

How to Contact US?

If you are a Institute or some student who wants us to conduct workshop in your college, then drop us an email at gettutorialized@gmail.com. Or you can simply call us.

Karan Makharia : +91 9324479670

Kshitij Dadhekar:  +91 8082026640


Download the complete Workshops Brochure Here

List of the workshops that we conduct

1. WordPress – Design your website from scratch and Monetize it!

Do you have an Idea that you want to showcase but don’t know how to make a website. Well, we will teach you how to make an elegant looking website that too without CODING!!! It doesn’t ends here, the second day we will teach you how to monetize your website to earn in $$$. That also includes other ways to earn through internet by just sitting at your home. Drop your jobs and be a Freelancer.

2. Internet of Things – Connect anything to the world wide web

Ever imagined if you had the power to make the boring non-living things alive, so that they can interact with you. Yes now you can make your surrounding alive and interactive. For example- Your chair would let you know if its vacant or occupied, your plants would tell you if they need water, you can monitor and control room temperature. Basically you can connect everything to Internet, so that you can monitor activity and control things remotely.

3. Electronics Hacking and Home automation

Where HACKING is just not related to software, you can disrupt the surrounding, gain access to the electronic circuits around you. Be the hacker like the one in the WatchDogs game, and control things with a remote. Make the tubelight/bulb blink, may be for a prank or for some useful purpose. Make the smart home of your dreams, automate electronic appliances, install TECH that is seen in Mission Impossible movies. Control stuff with just your voice and much more things to learn.

4. Mobile Making – Design your own mobile with Arduino!

Well ever dreamt of making a Mobile by yourself. Though we all have a smartphone that can do all the stuff we want, but what if I want to program my smartphone and use it with my existing system. No that is a tough job but with the mobile you make you can install it in your current system and get notified of some activity. And overall making a mobile is fun with Arduino. You can make calls, send SMS, even check balance (USSD codes), use internet to send or receive data.